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PostSubject: [GUIDE] accesories    Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:39 pm

Accessories are one of the most important yet neglected items in MU.
They are a vital part in any Full Gear.

Accessories are made up of 2 rings and 1 pendant.

Accessories (or Acc's for short) can have options of set items and swords like DD, DSR, REF, HP, EDR, ID and a special option to wings and Acc's, Auto HP Recovery.

There are different kinds of rings and pendants. They are mostly named after elements such as:
Fire, Wind, Ice, Lightning and many others.

Now, what do these elements do?

Acc's provide not only excellent options but also resistance to their respective elements.

What are resistance for?

Resistance provides a chance for a certain element type to miss on attack.

A good example would be twisting slash. This skill is an attribute of wind. Therefore, if you wear an accessory of wind, there will be a chance for attacks like twisting slash to miss on you.

Accessory resistance, however does not stack. What only stacks are their excellent ops. Example:
You have pair ring wind dd+ref.
You will have a total of 8%dd and 10% ref as these options stack for the rings.
Your resistance to wind element however, will not stack.
Let's say you have an accessory of wind+13. You get 40% chance to miss from wind attribute attacks. If you wear another accessory of wind, the 40% chance will not increase.

The higher the + of an accessory, the more resistance you get.
Resistance does not stack, the resistance that will be calculated is the resistance of the higher level item.

Example: You are wearing Ring of wind+2 and Ring of wind+6.
They have 3 and 6 resistance to wind, respectively.
Your total resistance would not be 3+6=9, but rather the higher between 3 and 6.
Your total resistance is 6.

It would be best to mix your resistance using different accessories.
The most preferred would be 1 ACC each of Wind, Fire and Ice.
These are the most common attributes in player skills
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PostSubject: Re: [GUIDE] accesories    Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:11 am

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[GUIDE] accesories

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